To Whom It May Concern:

Participation in the QUT Career Mentor Scheme

This letter is to acknowledge and thank Ms Sonja Basson for her participation as a mentor in the QUT Career Mentor Sheme.

Sonja has participated in the Career Mentor Sheme since 2017, volunteering her time to support QUT students prepare for the transition from study to the workplace. Mentors act as a source of information and a sounding board, offering guidance and encouragement to students within their chosed field of expertise.

Students typically seek assistance through the following activities:

  • Clarifying their career goals and finding out about career path prospects;
  • finding out about a mentor’s experience and career progression;
  • gaining insight into the profession and industry;
  • gaining advice on future study options;
  • getting practical assistance such as resume checking or interview skills;
  • growing their professional networks and attending networking events.

Sonja is a valued part of the QUT Mentoring community and we and her student mentee are extremely grateful for her support. We wish Sonja well in all endeavours.