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This is my story

56 seconds that changed my life forever.

In July 2016, my husband and I were hijacked in our driveway by armed men. My husband was shot trying to defend my life and later succumbed to his wounds. In less than a minute, the world as I knew it had irrevocably changed.

I was 34 years old. Today, I’ve not only rebuilt my life and overcome countless challenges, I have found my purpose. I have built a
successful career as a professional engineer, business leader and public speaker, written a book and achieved the unimaginable.

Professional Engineer and
Industry Leader

Sonja leaves a lasting impact when she shares her experience and life story to create change for learners, students, professionals and
business leaders. Sonja is accredited as a Professional Engineer in South Africa, Ireland, Australia and Queensland, she is recognised in Management Consulting in the Energy industry and a business leader. She was the Queensland President for Engineers Without Borders Australia in 2018 and a member of Engineers Without Borders Ireland.

She rose from her difficult situation in a small town in Johannesburg with little to no financial support and carved a future by not
accepting no for an answer when faced with obstacles.

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