This is my story…

56 seconds that changed my life forever.

In July 2016, my husband and I were hijacked in our driveway by armed men. My husband was shot trying to defend my life and later succumbed to his wounds. In less than a minute, the world as I knew it had irrevocably changed.

I was 34 years old.

Today, I’ve not only rebuilt my life and overcome countless challenges, I have found my purpose. I have built a successful career as a professional engineer, business leader and public speaker, written a book and achieved the unimaginable.

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Due for release in 2021, my book tells the story of life after violent crime. It lays bare the torment I went through as a survivor after my husband was shot and fatally wounded in front of me during a hijacking at our South African home in July 2016. How I moved to Australia four months after the attack to help anchor myself. How I balanced the chaos of dealing with Gordon’s death: Moving lock, stock and barrel to a brand-new country and my career as a professional engineer and management consultant. It tells how my journey unfolded and the compounded loss I experienced along the way.

How I found sanctuary in helping others, solace in my career and the city of Brisbane; trust and love in the people that came into my life and how I rediscovered hope and found my purpose. It is a story of tragedy and loss, but more importantly it is one of hope: One I want to share with anyone who has experienced trauma, no matter how great or small, to help them on their journey and hopefully emerge a stronger person; not despite their loss, but because of it.

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