Step into your power

with Sonja Basson

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Your Power of Renewal

the debut release Sonja Basson

This debut book by Sonja Basson touches on how her entire life changed in less than a minute when she survived a hijacking in South Africa. And is written as a guide to help you find the courage within to step into your own Power if you are facing a turbulent time or waves of change.

After the worst happened people would give Sonja books to read to help with coping with the massive changes that she faced and the pain. But she found that reading these would make her feel sad as she was filled with empathy.

Your Power of Renewal is a book that is filled with simple ways how you can step into your power during your life changing moments and challenging times to help you write your own story by answering some key questions. The questions are pivotal to helping you write your next chapter.

In this book you will find helpful anecdotes, empowering quotes and questions and ways of how you can help yourself to realise your power.  And hopes to inspire you to put pen to paper and write to help you experience the cathartic, calming experience of writing down your thoughts in a way that creates a pathway forward for you to be able to take steps to move forward.

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• HardCover
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This is my story

56 seconds that changed my life forever.

In July 2016, my husband and I were hijacked in our driveway by armed men. My husband was shot trying to defend my life and later succumbed to his wounds. In less than a minute, the world as I knew it had irrevocably changed. I was 34 years old. Today, I’ve not only rebuilt my life and overcome countless challenges, I have found my purpose. I have built a successful career as a professional engineer, business leader and public speaker, written a book and achieved the unimaginable.

How Can Your Power Of Renewal Help You?

Do you wonder what makes you happy at the moment?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of change you are going through?

Are you looking for answers but you can’t seem to calm your thoughts?

Writing is a wonderful way of releasing the tension that holds you back from living to the fullest. Your Power of Renewal will share with you how you can become more aware of what you invest your time and energy into. And how you can refill, reset and recover from that which drains you.

We all face turbulent times at some point in our lives.  What I have learnt through losing not only my husband in the hijacking in 2016 in South Africa. But also several other people to varying circumstances. As well as moving countries. Is that I had no idea how much courage and power I had within me to be able to reset, recover and to start over each time the worst happened.

Through my own personal experience I started to notice that there are key questions I ask myself each time life becomes turbulent that helps to give me clarity of thought, that helps me feel calmer and be more decisive so that I am empowered to make decisions towards my future and these are the questions I share in this book. The hope is that you too will feel courage to trust in your power . Each of our healing  journeys are different but we all have and untapped resources within to enable us navigate through difficult times. As you read this book may you feel inspired to put pen to paper and write down your thoughts in response to the questions, so you too can feel the benefits of writing and feel inspired by your next chapter of your story.

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There comes a time we wait for a hero to arrive to change our story, only to realise we must fIrst be willing to save ourselves, despite what life brings.

Have courage, Be someone you can depend on.

-Sonja Basson